YES ACT empowers youth to take concrete actions towards democratization and sustainable development. In doing so, it prepares youth to promote community development and to exercise their civil and political rights. This action- focused program further creates public space for youth to influence public debate, political parties and policy makers. YES ACT also aims to involve YRDP alumni in contributing to positive social change through the following projects:

Youth Initiatives for Political and Social Action Project (YIPSA)

YIPSA prepares youth to invest as volunteers in community development and democratic processes. It further facilitates, through dialogues and internships to foster exchanges, between youth and political parties.

Youth Mobilization for Good Governance in Extractive Industries Project (EI)

EI mobilizes youth to use their rights as active citizens to influence policy makers to take action on natural resource management and revenue transparency from Cambodia’s extractive industries.

Youth Movement for Climate Change Response Project (CC)

CC engages youth to respond to the impacts of climate change and empower them to take actions towards the sustainable use of natural resource and environmental management through forums, youth exchanges, exposure trips, campaigns, radio programs, tree planting events, capacity building, etc.