“From being a shy person to become the defender of labor rights”

“From being a shy person to become the defender of labor rights”

My name is Prom Sokey. I am 23 years old.  I came from Kandal Province. Currently, I am a senior at Cambodia Mekong University majoring in Tourism. I used to be a person who did not like social work and did not like to talk to people around me. I liked being alone. I was not brave enough to speak out and share what I knew to everyone. I was always concerned about my career goal. I keep asking myself what I am going to do next for my future. I applied for many jobs, but they were not successful. I felt really sad when I could not catch up anything.

One d13312691_281895362143584_6624094679436599468_nay, I heard about the training course on “Personal Development” at YRDP. I decided to register to join this course. After I joined this training, I found out myself that I felt much more confident than before, and I started to speak with people around me.

However, I am still not a socialized person. Luckily, I joined another course which was called “How to Find and Create a Job” with YRDP. After finishing this training course, I found that I have become completely different. I become a sociable person and more confident. I am confident not only when speaking, but also when applying for jobs. As the result, I got a job that I expected.

However, while doing that job, I was given much more tasks than what was written in the job description. The employer asked me to work beyond what was written in the job description which was not safe for me. I was supposed to work as a front desk officer, but my employee asked me to work as a house keeper.

It was not safe because I needed to work at night. I was very stressful and wanted to give up my job. Fortunately, I brought this issue to consult with a project officer at YRDP and I got some good advice. After getting the advice, I proposed a meeting with my supervisor to negotiate about my working condition. After the supervisor discussed with the management, they agreed with my request and finally allowed me to do my work base on what was set in my job description.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to YRDP for training me to become what I am today.