Our History

The Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP) is a leading youth organization in Cambodia, firmly established in the field of civic and peace education and youth empowerment. Since its inception in 1992 and formal registration in 1998, YRDP has grown into a vital player with significant impact at the grass roots level as well as on the regional and national policy stage, advocating for youth’s interests.

YRDP works predominantly with Cambodian youth and university students in particular. The organization envisions a society where youth are empowered and actively engaged as leaders in the development of a Cambodia that is equitable and sustainable. YRDP is not affiliated with any political party or religion; rather, YRDP exposes youth to different religions and political parties.

With YRDPs approach, providing space for reflection and instill critical thinking, the organization has proven successful over the past 28 years, empowering over 62,000 alumni to take action towards positive change.

YRDP traces its history back to the observation of a Belgian nurse educator, Ms. Myriam Frys-Denis, who trained Cambodian nurses in 1988. She recognized that nurses and youth were mainly in need of critical thinking and problem solving skills.  Her initiative to create a program to develop students’ capacity to analyze and reflect on their own and their country’s situation and to act for social change was the birth of the Youth Resource Development Program. Since then, YRDP’s philosophy has been largely inspired by the theories of Brazilian educator, Paulo Freire (1921-1997).