Our Core Values

YRDP is driven by 7 core values

  1. Empowerment
    Within YRDP, empowerment refers to the democratic process that gives opportunity to participants to critically analyze the political, economic and socio-cultural situation that effects their lives and society and then decide to take action towards positive change.
  2. Development
    Education through the critical study of reality is the best means of empowerment. Development stems from the empowerment of the individual through engaging in social change and adult education.
  3. Active non-violence (ANV)
    YRDP strongly believes that active non-violence is the only way to find truth and justice. YRDP is committed to actively promoting peace, justice and development. Rice seeds will always produce rice. Rice will not grow from a cactus. Thus, if we sow seeds of peace, we will harvest peace.
  4. Solidarity
    Promoting peace and development demands all participants choose a way of life that takes into consideration the standard of living of the majority of the people. For YRDP, this means that its staff and students with whom they work are encouraged to avoid acquiring superficial things and to do the most with the least. This is in solidarity with the majority of Cambodians struggling to make a living.
  5. Gender equity
    Women and men are partners for the future of the nation. Equal chances for women to access education and to be active participants in the society as well as mutual respect and understanding of men and women are key issues for Cambodian development.
  6. Impartiality
    YRDP is not affiliated with any political party or religion and has never received any funding support from political parties either inside or outside the country. Impartiality does not prevent YRDP from promoting its vision regarding issues of concern. YRDP remains actively committed to promoting peace, justice and the process of development.
  7. Transparency
    We at YRDP abide by the principle of transparency which goes beyond financial accountability and includes the processes used to make decisions. YRDP advocates for accountability and transparency within government, civil society and the private sector through accurate and comprehensive disclosure of information and decisions.