This program aims to empower youth to explore and gain understanding of their personal roles and rights in society. Through a wide range of training and related activities EYES allows youth to grow in the areas of civic and peace education. EYES is the initial training focused program of the four YRDP programs before becoming involved through other programs. EYES allows our students to see and understand our programs better. EYES has currently two focal areas:

Civil and Political Rights Education for Youth (CPBREY)
This project focuses on building youth’s capacity in utilizing their civil and political rights as responsible citizens. It comprises YRDP’s popular Personal Development course and addresses topics such as Democracy and Good Governance. Youth learn on different communication platforms, ie. dialogues with politicians, youth forums, radio talk shows on how to participate in social problem-solving and take responsibility for their life, family and society.

Peace Building and Reconciliation Engagement for Youth (PBREY)
PBREY focuses on peace education and aims to strengthen youth’s ability to respond to conflicts through a variety of offered training eg analyzing Khmer Rouge history, Conflict Resolution, Interethnic Peace and Active Non-Violence. Youth are further offered multiple platforms to engage in Cambodia’s ongoing reconciliation process: i.e. in inter-generational dialogues with Khmer Rouge survivors or participating in Cambodia’s National Song-writing contest, a project that bridges generations and their histories in an artistic way.