Thank you for your interest in supporting YRDP financially! Every amount encourages us to strongly pursue our vision of a society in which youth are empowered to exercise their civil and political rights as leaders for a peaceful, equitable and sustainable development in Cambodia.

We are delighted to get in touch with you to identify how we can best accommodate your contribution, thank you for filling out this form and we will get back to you soon.

Please note: YRDP staff and volunteers are working hard and extremely cost efficiently to ensure as much resources as possible are going into our programs. As an organization YRDP’s work is not focusing merely on knowledge transfer but aims to change youth attitude and behavior. With the concerned observation of a self-centered, taking-mentality in Cambodian society, YRDP encourages a culture of contributing. Accordingly, our youth is charged a small fee to attend our trainings and all staff donate to YRDP’s foundation with their monthly salary, thereby allowing rural, talented female high-school students to enroll at university.