Cambodian Youth Foundation (CYF)

The Cambodian Youth Foundation (CYF) was initiated in early 2015. The leading idea behind CYF is to provide funding for our youth-run development projects and thus, sustain a key area of YRDP. The acquired sources will be used to support youth-led initiatives for social development, promotion of civil and political rights and protection of natural resources.

The foundation attracts YRDP alumni, as well as the general Cambodian and global public to join hands with YRDP’s mission by becoming CYF members.

After the national election in 2013, YRDP observed a growing interest of youth to start own initiatives to promote social justice and development, democracy and green environment. Therefore, CYF has facilitated and supported sustainably youth-driven initiatives for their country.

The forerunner project of CYF is YRDP’s Youth Foundation existing since 2006, which provided financial and technical support to female high school graduates who could not afford to enroll at university. Through this foundation, two female youth were able to study and graduate from higher education institutions. We are delighted to see how they are contributing today to media and development work.